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Today at the Disney Store

Woman yelling at her daughter: For God's sake, you are 23 and you DO NOT need a Pooh stuffed animal.
Daughter: I want it and I'm buying it.
Woman: This is ridiculous.
Me: If it makes you feel any better, I'm 19 and I just bought a doll for myself.
All the other CMs: Yeah, you're never too old for Disney.
And the random guy in line with an entire Vinylmation box: To be honest, these are for me.

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Send me three hockey players.


Make me choose a best friend. Boyfriend. And brother. Go.

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"you wear that a lot" yes that is because i, a proud owner of a washing machine,

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Anonymous: kill yourself 




OMG!!! I finally got one of these! I can’t believe this took 14 months to get.

Holy shit. I’m so unprepared! I don’t have a speech!

I’d like to thank the academy of course! Mom, Dad: I did it!

To the anon’s parents: The lack of love for your child is apparent in the fact you didn’t even bother teaching them how not to be an awful human being; this one’s for you most of all!

Finally, anon: without you this wouldn’t be possible. Thank you for taking time away from having no friends or discernible talents to make this dream come true!

fucking killed it

Ironic choice of wording

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my follower count is my birth year

did you know jesus personally?


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there needs to be a month between august and september 

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